Train To Pakistan

The book train to Pakistan is an excellent work in the history of Indian literature.

Written by Khushwant Singh, the book talks about the time when India was going through the partition and suffering from riots.

The story is set in the backdrop of a small village- Manu Majra, situated in India near the border of India and Pakistan. The book beautifully describes the natural beauty of the village, the simple rustic life of villagers, and the lifeline of the village the railway station.

People of all three religions (Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh) were living in peace, oblivious of the changes that were taking place in the country. They were not happy with the departure of the British as freedom was not a necessity that they required in their simple life.

The three main characters who will captivate your senses and will also force you to think deeper are Iqbal, Jugga, and Hukum Chand. The characters will revolve around the web created by their Karma and will do certain things. We will not be able to judge their deeds as good or bad because of the simple fact that we were not there.

The whole story will force you to think how the world has changed and how it was shaped, that man was always motivated by his selfish needs or just because of his love for something or somebody. Overall, it is a must-read for people who want to know about the history of India and to see India from the eyes of people who created it.

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