Mahabharata murders is a well written fictional thriller by Arnab Ray.

The book is written very nicely, and the plot and characters are well layered.

However, in the end, the story becomes very predictable and, at the same time, leaves some detailed nuances of the psyche of the criminal.

The book revolves around a serial criminal and the investigator Ruksana Ahmed.

The serial criminal is a devious mind, and he thinks he is the reincarnation of Duryodhana, and he is out to take revenge from Pandavas.

He is killing them one by one and leaving clues behind.

But what aggravated him? And what pattern he is going to follow? These are the questions that will continuously haunt you and Ruksana Ahmed.

The fact that I liked most about this book is that the author provided enough details about the inner life of the characters. He portrayed Ruksana Ahmed, not as someone who will go out and fight crime as a supernatural being but who is human. The fact that she is getting attracted to the alpha males who are coming into her life and at the same time she is unable to handle her husband who is abusing her gives a lot of perspective about her mind.

The author has narrated the tale very efficiently, and at the same time, he has maintained the element of surprise throughout the storyline.

Overall, it is an excellent book to read, and if you have prior knowledge about Mahabharata, you will get a new perspective, and if you have not, then you are in for discovery.

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