This book took me a bit longer to complete, but man it was worth it.

It is a masterpiece in the world of modern fiction.

As far as the genre is concerned, it is a sci-fi thriller based on history and mythology.

Kalachakra, which forms the basis of this story, essentially means wheels of time.

The main character Vijay Sundaram is a research scientist who works for Milesian Labs to carry out his research on identifying quantum behavior beyond quantum.

And Milesian Labs is run by the world’s most secretive society called Minerva, and his research holds the clue to this cosmic world. As the story unfolds, Vijay is now deeply involved in this war of humanity, which will decide the fate of this world.

The plot consists of too much world history- the American Presidential elections, caliphate in Raqqa, burning of the Nalanda University, the war between Saudis and Ottomans, and many more.

Ashwin wrote the plot exceptionally well, with each chapter bringing in a new flavor and creating intrigue and mystery.

It is like eating a thali full of different dishes from different parts of the world.

However, the end seems a bit rushed as it was way too simplistic than what I had expected.

It felt the complex narrative of the book was way too much to write the ending.

But overall, the book is simply fantastic and educative. A lot of research must have gone into the book, and all the information was then brilliantly used to write this book.

Apart from the story, the thrill, and the joy, the one thing that I enjoyed the most was the underlying fact to see things for what they can be instead of going for a simple explanation.

Perhaps, it was rightly said that simplicity leads to mediocrity.

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