Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Sorrow Patch is a well-written book in the fantasy genre.

Dwerry is a small village in the kingdom of a tyrant king Lucent. King Lucent is a cold-hearted devil who takes what he wants, and those who resist him soon meet their makers. And the small village Dwerry, the village of Patch, will face the wrath of King Lucent.

Patch has lost everything and has faced betrayal, but now he will take his revenge, and the supernatural creature is going to help him.

Will Patch succeed or not that only the sequel will tell.

What I loved about this book- Simple writing style, well-connected plot, and the beautiful depiction of humanity and spirit to fight together in a time of need.

What can be improved- a bit of layering and depth is needed in the characters.

Overall a good book to read and you can easily finish it in 2 hours.

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